Klosterneuburg upon Danube

Klosterneuburg is a small and very attractive town located on the Danube north of Vienna. This is the perfect place to visit if you want to spend some time in the periphery of Vienna or just enjoy a day out in the Vienna surroundings. It is absolutely worth going if you like beautiful sceneries of hills and vineyards. Make sure that you take the daytrip when you are sure the weather is nice, as most activities here take place outside! Given that Klosterneuburg rises on the Danube river, it is a great opportunity to rent a bike and go for a ride along the banks of the beautiful Donau!


Historical Buildings

Once in Klosterneuburg, you should make sure you don’t forget to visit the buildings of the Augustine canonry, which rise on a hill directly from the banks of the Danube. These buildings were founded by Leopold III, the patron saint of Austria. The legend says that the Virgin Mary appeared to him where he found his wife's Agnes veil, which she had lost many years before the appearance. Hence, he decided to build a monastery in this spot, that he later on decided to expand and make it become his residence. While you wander around the old buildings do not miss the beautiful old chapel, where Leopold’s tomb and the Verdun Altar are located (they date back as long as the 12th century). This singular altar is very peculiar: it is made up of three different panels that include a variety of copper plates that were built in 1811. The altar itself, however, only started being used as such later on, in 1330, when the panels where disposed according to the happenings of the biblical exegesis. Also worth visiting is the library here: it contains over 30.000 volumes and original manuscripts! Make sure you also don’t miss the picture gallery and the collection of coins. A visit to all the beautiful sights around the canonry will be perfect for a day's excursion to Klosterneuburg.




Another absolute highlight of Klosterneuburg is the "Essl Museum "! The Essl Collection is undoubtedly a most important collection of Austrian post-war and contemporary art, and since its opening it has increased Klosterneuburg's visibility for incoming tourism considerably. About 6.000 pieces of contemporary Austrian and international artists are continuously presented here in about 10 different exhibitions every year! Have a look at the Essl program  and if you have time enough in Vienna, do not miss their outstanding exhibitions!

Another option for a "rainy day" museum visit is the "Franz Kafka Memorial Room". If you are into Kaftka's short stories and literature this will be interesting indeed: here you will be able to find and view some of Kafka's most important writings and photos. The Museum also serves as the headquarters for the international Franz Kafka Society.

A good place for a bite, or just a cool place to relax would be the "Kellertheater", literally the "Basement Theatre". This is a place where you can enjoy a beer and listen to some jazz or look at a cabaret show! Since its opening, the Kellertheater has seen many different cabaret exhibitions of artists such as Alfred Dorfer, Pepi Hopf, Gunkl and many others. We recommend it! 

How to get there?

The best way to get to Klosterneuburg is from the metro station (U4) "Heiligenstadt", located right next to the Heurigen area . From here, you can take the regional bus #238 all the way to Kloserneuburg. The ride will be of about 30 min. You can catch the U4 from many different stations, some of the most known ones are "Karlsplatz" or "Schwedenplatz".
Once again: make sure you check the weather  information and opening hours of the museums!