Best Wine Bar in Prater Area

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Vienna team

Among real connoisseurs, Austrian wine is one of the finest in Europe. It is still a bit of a well hidden secret, but local Austrian wines, especially the white ones, are excellent and one of the highlights here! You have to try it!

You will find many different places to go to if you want to enjoy a glass of good regional/local wine; and you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that drinking a glass (or two) of wine in the evening around a table with friends is part of the Viennese tradition. One of the most known white wines is the Grüner Veltliner, as well as the Gelber Muskateller (for those of you who prefer a sweeter and fruitier taste). Wine bars are located everywhere around town, especially in the inner city (the 1st district). Why don't you go to at least one of them and do as the locals do - hang out at wine bars!Cheers!