Best Kids welcome Restaurants in Main University Area

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Vienna team

Vienna offers innumerous amounts of facilities and activities for kids. There are museums, parks and many restaurants that like to help parents while parenting! :)

Often, just going for a dinner with friends becomes complicated because you need to take care of your kid, because you know he will start bothering everyone when he starts crying, because you have no idea about what to do with him when he's done eating, or when you just want to have a pleasant conversation with your friends… We know how it feels, especially on vacation! That's why we offer you some of our tips regarding restaurants where kids aren't only welcome, but also taken care of! …A simple playground will make the effort that parenting requires much easier at times! Or… having special meals for kids in order not to have to throw away half of a plate? Check this section if you think it might be of use for you! :)