The 13th District - Hietzing

This district called Hietzing is located in the outlying districts and is one of Viennas high end ones. 20min by metro from the city centre you reach the greenest borough of Vienna on the verge of the Wienerwald (Viennese woods).

Sightseeing recommendation:

The Wienerwald (Viennese woods) is an area that is completely nature protected and is well known for its game and wild life. Still till today you have a hunting season where the woods are closed to the public, usually in autumn. The rest of the year it is used by Viennese to hike, mountain bike and go for long family walks in the woods.

The most important reason to visit Hietzing is the summer residence of the Habsburg dynasty, the famous Schloss Schönbrunn and its beautiful and spacious park.

There are plenty of attractions to visit here: i.e the famous wintergarden (Palmenhaus), several Mazes scattered around the park for all ages (which means kids cannot get lost if they use the right maze...), the impressive Gloriette structure (used for open air events during the Habsburg rule), or - mainly for kids - the world famous zoo called Schönbrunner Tiergarten awarded the "Best European Zoo" in 2010. In case you have time, it is recommended to spend a whole day exploring and visiting Schönbrunn - there is simply too much to see and explore.

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