The 7th District - Neubau

Neubau is the district of Viennas famous artists and musicians. It is a popular residential area with an unusually high percentage of students and young families living here – it is also referred to as the "alternative" district, politically the "Green Party" calls the shots in this district.


Sightseeing recommendations:

You will all have heard about one of the world famous art nouveau artists and painter Gustav Klimt - he lived here most of his life. Also, the very well-known musician Johan Strauss lived in this district called Neubau. You can find remarkable palaces and buildings here - have a look at the Justizpalast (Palais of Justice), or the main Library in Vienna. Most important though is the Volkstheater (in old days: the theatre for the common people) - it is the cultural centrepiece of this Viennese district..

The main Bibliothek hosts more than 240.000 books and all sort of prints, newspapers and magazines. For book lovers this attraction is well worth a visit. From the top floor you have a great view to the hills surrounding Vienna -check it out: Kahlenberg,Leopoldsberg and Wienerwald – and all its vineyards and its Heurige (wine taverns).

You will also find another curiosity here, the smallest house in Vienna – it does not even have an own house number, but is part of the neighbouring baroque building nr. 18, called "Zum weißen Hirschen". Really worth a sight....go to Burggasse, on the corner to Breite Gasse and you will see it!

One other inside recommendation: in winter one of the famous Christmas Markets called Spittelberg is found here - it is arranged and dispersed among tiny, cobbled and hidden alleys. It is a very romantic and old fashioned market that you should be sure to visit if you are in Vienna around Christmas time.

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