The Hof Palace (Schloss Hof)

If you cannot get enough of Habsburg dynasty splendor and history, even after having seen all of Vienna's TOP attractions.....only 40 km from the centre, the Hof Palace was built in mid 18th century as the country seat. The wealth and cultural interest of the Habsburgs is apparent not only in the architecture but also in the costly valuable furnishings and exquisite works of art. The place is quite big - so make sure you visit following sections of the area.

The Garden – take a stroll around. Just a few years ago the City of Vienna decided to re-establish the magnificence of the gardens. It is now exactly the way it was originally designed and composed in the mid 18th century. Few Baroque gardens in Europe will be able to compete with the beauty and refinement here in Schloss Hof - and leave such an impression to most of its visitors!

The Meierhof (Manor Farm): Here you will find "the Baroque country life", as it was in those times, brought back to life again. You will also have the opportunity to taste freshly picked fruits and vegetables of the season in the farm, or to harvest many home grown plants or herbs yourself - try it, it is really worth the experience - not to mention that they are truly delicious.

The Orangerie - Only a few steps away  you will find the Orangerie with its Mediterranean flora - you will be enchanted!

The Stables - Do not forget to visit the the stables and meadows just around the palace. You will be able to see many endangered and rare animals there: i.e. the Norica horses, spectacled sheep, camels, white donkeys and Hungarian grey cattle, etc...just to mention a few.

The Hof Palace is an enchanting trip just outside Vienna, well worth your time and effort - you will be astonished by the beauty and surroundings of that area. Do not forget to take the temperature change into consideration - during summer it can be a lot warmer than in the city of Vienna, in the winter however a lot colder.

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