The Museum Quarter (Das MuseumsQuartier)

The MuseumsQuartier (MQ) is a 60,000 m² large area that is really cool and a MUST place to visit while you are in town - one of our many insider tips! It actually is the eighth largest cultural area in the world and contains everything from baroque buildings to modern architecture. You can either visit Museums there (painters like Gustav Mahler and Egon Schiele are only some of the most famous exhibits), or join the locals hanging out at the square, have a drink, chat and chill...or join one of the many events happening here on this square, especially in the evenings and mostly during the warmer seasons. It will give you a good feel what modern Vienna is all about!

Todays MuseumsQuartier (MQ) buildings are the former court stables and where part of the Habsburg dynasty's Imperial Palace "Hofburg". The stables built in 1725 were renovated in 1998 and a popular cultural square with the aim of people and cultures meeting and interchanging was created - it was immediately a huge success.

The MQ is today home to a range of installations and institutions: from large art museums like the Leopold Museum and the MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation Vienna) to contemporary exhibition spaces like the "Kunsthalle Wien". All of them are really worth a visit! So make sure you choose in advance as there is simply too much too see to cover all museums of the square in one day. Check out the MQ website for more information on what is going on.

Another important reason of why you will definitely be drawn to this top attraction of Vienna - The MQ houses many events and festivals like the "Wiener Festwochen", the city's annual summer festival that is headquartered here.

By the way, if you are under 19 or a student under 27, there is free entrance for example in the MUMOK museum. There are combination tickets if you want to visit more than one museum. The website is worth checking out, they provide all information – in seven languages! You see, it’s not a hidden spot, but one place a lot of Viennese love to go to.

And this is still not all: you can also find other institutions and highlights here: the "Tanzquartier", an international, state-of-the-art centre for dance, or the "Architektur Zentrum Wien", or even outstanding art and cultural facilities designed for children, or the renowned Viennale Film Festival, and many others...even fashion freaks will be able to explore the most modern Austrian fashion design world: the MQ hosts the 7tm, which links Austrian creative fashion designers to one place.