Biking in Vienna

One of the best, fastest, cheapest and not at least healthiest ways to move around the city of Vienna is by bicycle. Vienna has spent much effort and money to develop a great and extensive bike pathway throughout the city and its outskirts.

Today you will not only see youngsters and students using this mean of transport - on the contrary, many business people have started to leave their cars at home and pedal to work, as well as young mothers whom you can see shopping and biking around with their kids strapped into their kid seats at the back.

The easiest way to rent a bike is through the Citybike Wien system. This rental system is an innovative and environment friendly mean of public transport and not a conventional bike rental system (where you go into a shop and rent a bike for the day). Here bikes can be hired at 61 different bike stations across Vienna and can be returned at any of those stations around town 24/7, independent of where the trip started. In a nutshell: It allows you to be mobile and rent or return a bike whenever or wherever in Vienna you want! Simply a great system, easy to just need a credit card...check their website for further info. In any case, be aware that the Citybike system is quite standard - same bike for all users, no gears, only adjustable saddles - good enough for a leisurely ride through the city.

Another good place (but more conventional) to go is Pedal Power near the Prater Park (U1) - there you can get bikes, tandems, family bikes (4 wheels) and electric scooters - much bigger choice! It is a bit out of the way, but the advantage is that you will be able to get more sophisticated bikes that might suit your needs better, especially if you are thinking of going on longer excursions outside the city.  Besides renting out bikes, they organise city tours on bike or 1 day excursions to the Donauinsel or along the Danube embankment - this is one of our inside tips - really awesome! Be aware that you need to leave your ID or passport as a deposit.

Another alternative to explore the city by movable transport system is "Segway" - a sort of 2 wheel, electrical bike (no worries, its stable) you stand on, and through your balance you steer yourself through any pedestrian environment. It’s different, modern and trendy - above all, fun! Check out the special Segway Tours offered in Vienna - it is quite cool!

There are literally kilometers of bicycle paths in and around Vienna. For those who are really is only around a 30km ride to Slovakia and the other way is a great ride out along the Danube past Nussdorf - don't overestimate yourself, one easily loses track of time here...