You can travel from Vienna to the Slovakian capital Bratislava by train or by bus - in season also on the Twin City Liner speedboat and hydrofoil. Vienna and Bratislava are supposedly the two closest capital cities in the world, only a short 64 km or 40 miles away.


Bratislava is a city very similar to Vienna, no wonder as they belonged to the same Austro Hungarian Empire for centuries.

It offers many sights, among them the fortress of Bratislava on the left bank of the Danube, Michael’s Gate, the only remaining gate dating back to the Middle ages and St. Martin’s Cathedral, an exquisite gothic church where all coronations for Hungarian Kings took place.

Bratislava also offers many interesting museums and galleries and is therefore a popular destination for art lovers. The music festival of Bratislava, as well as the opera and ballet performances of the famous Slovakian National Theater are among the many highlights of this city.


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