Lake Neusiedl (Der Neusiedler See)

This is an excursion for those of you that would like to enjoy beautiful nature and scenery. Situated a very convenient forty-five minutes from Vienna the Neusiedler See is the largest lake in Austria and also forms part of the border with Hungary. Thanks to its low lying location, the lake and its surrounding areas has warmer weather than Vienna and makes a fantastic day trip out of the city.

Since this part of Austria is so flat it is very popular biking excursion - either you circle the lake, or, if you are less in a shape, we suggest you do half of the circumference and take one of the local ferries back to your starting point - this is considerable less exhausting!

The Neusiedler See looks beautiful from the shore but it looks even more so from the middle. The lake is situated in a national park and so most of the boats are either electric or pedal powered.

Another reason for taking to the water is that the lake shore is dotted with restaurants and cafes.

They can of course be reached by bike but it is easier with a boat. These restaurants combine the exquisite wines from the region with fresh fish from the lake or meat from surrounding farms. We strongly recommend Mole West restaurant - great panorama, excellent kitchen, good service and a trendy bar atmosphere in summer.

How to get there?

From Vienna you should head to the Sudbanhof train station. There are frequent trains to Burgenland and the Neusiedler See. The length of the journey depends on where you go, but the village of "Neusiedl am See" is roughly 45 minutes. It is easy access, you will get to a wonderful lake and see beautiful countryside and the food and wine is great there...what more do you want?

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