Vienna's Districts

The great thing about Vienna is that you can find important sights in every single district of Vienna! And it is quite impossible to get lost since all districts are helically arranged - which helps if you need to know where you are going. In case you do not know where you are - just check the streetsigns, they all start with the number of the corresponding district followed by the street name.

Another really important information: Vienna's city centre is easily explored by foot, public transport or bike (district 1 to 9) - just wear comfortable shoes and you will be fine! This is one of the beauties of Vienna - a car is really not recommended, if you brought one, park it and forget about it for the rest of your stay!

We have introduced a list of the most important districts (1 to 9 - all part of the city centre), there are of course more, however, you will most likely only visit those districts on really special recommendation or outings - check our insider tips section!


1st district - Inner City


2nd district - Leopoldstadt

3rd district - Landstrasse

4th district - Wieden

6th district - Mariahilf

7th district - Neubau

8th district - Josefstadt

9th district - Alsergrund

13th district - Hietzing

19th district - Döbling (wine tavern's district)