Vienna Regional Overview

Vienna offers a great amount of extraordinary historical sights and places of interest. As the capital of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna demonstrates imperial power and greatness, which is evident in the gorgeous architecture found throughout the city. These palaces, churches, official buildings and public parks are today’s main attractions and historical sights - make sure you check these sections on our site, they will give you a good overview ... But wait, there’s more yet to come.

Vienna is also well-known for its numerous museums, art galleries and contemporary exhibitions, not to mention the abundance of theatre, opera, operetta and concerts. With all this in one place, it is only natural that Vienna today is one of the most popular travel destinations throughout the world.

And the best is yet to come: To explore Vienna and its highlights leave your car at home - your best bet here is walking and public transport.

Another interesting aspect of Vienna are the Viennese people: a true historic melting pot of people with different backgrounds, religions and cultures. It is the city of music, the city of Jugendstil (art nouveau), the city of Sigmund Freud and the setting of the world famous movie "The Third Man". But it is especially the Viennese themselves, who make the city unique and add its special flair. Our team at My Guide Vienna introduced an "inside tips" section, a "to do list" while you are in Vienna - we have put great effort to show you what the city is really all about - take a look ...

For instance: Take good time to stroll, explore and wander Vienna's hidden "cobble streets" in the city centre (this comprises the first 9 districts). The world famous Wiener Kaffeehäuser (café), which are spread all over the city are a great place to relax. Here the locals spend their time reading, discussing or chatting with friends and colleagues – don't miss out on the local cappucino called "Wiener Melange and a piece of "Apfelstrudel" or "Sachertorte" - an unforgettable experience while enjoying the unique coffee house atmosphere! Not only the local cafés are world famous, also the Wiener Beisl (restaurants offering typical Austrian cuisine) or the Wiener Heurige (wine tavern located in the vineyards right outside the city, where one can taste the home grown young wine) are a must. These are just a few highlights among many. There is so much more to do, places to visit and sights to see - to sum it up: Vienna offers a unique travel experience!

One of the most popular spots, also for young people to visit, is Vienna’s green Oasis called the Donauinsel. Especially in summer, this "island of all Viennese" lying in the midst of the river Danube, turns into the most frequented getaway of the city's inhabitants. The so called "Copa Cagrana" is the most famous boardwalk stuffed with bars, taverns and restaurants. The island is big enough for you to just as well find a quiet spot at banks where nobody will disturb your refreshing plunge in the river. Also in winter the Donauinsel offers a huge amount of options to relax while you escape the urban life and get in touch with nature. Definitely worth a visit.

Vienna is to be visited throughout the year. No matter whether it is springtime, when the light fragrance of the famous lilac bushes spread all over the city fills the air, or in summer, when you can enjoy the open air music venues and festivals or Danube beaches), in autumn, when you can spend a warm evening at a Heurigen located in Vienna's vineyards, or in wintertime when all the numerous Christmas Markets open and welcome the festive and peaceful season at the end of the year. It will be a trip to remember.