Excursions outside Vienna

Vienna offers great alternatives to get away from the city - there is really a lot to see and to explore! It is very easy to leave the city and it should not take you more than 20min by car from the city centre and you will find yourself in the middle of Austrian countryside! The MyDestination Vienna team has come up with some destinations you should definitely consider when leaving the city for the day.

How to do it?

As we said, the car will take you 20min...but the really energetic and sportive among you might go for one of many beautiful biking tours around Vienna - they are a great and popular alternative to get out of the city. Otherwise, austrian public transport is excellent, cheap and easy to use at the same time. Check out the info on Vienna's train stations, Vienna's rent a car or Vienna's bus tour operators or other sightseeing operators.


Hof Palace

Lake Neusiedl

Wachau Valley




Biking Excursions

Skiing near Vienna