The 19th District - Döbling

The 19th district Döbling, same as the 13th district Hietzing, is located in the outlying districts of Vienna.

The main difference is that it houses the richer and posher Viennese (at least the ones that do not mind showing off their wealth) and a lot of foreign expats (especially UN employees)  - most of them take up residency here.

During the Habsburg Empire the district Döbling belonged to the dynasty and was used as private hunting grounds, next to the ones they had in the Wiener Prater. Today it is mainly known for the borough called Grinzing that belongs to this district. Grinzing is the home to most of Vienna's Heurige (wine taverns) as it is located at the foot of the beautiful Vienna hills and its highly recommended vineyards.

This place is the most popular area of the city for Viennese to relax during long summer and autumn evenings, when the new wine is finally ready to be consumed. All locals love coming here and spend their evenings among friends - it has been like that for centuries! If you are around during the right season, and the weather is nice and warm, it is definitely worth coming here, no matter how much of an effort it takes - we guarantee memorable evenings! Most of the wine taverns are very typical and cozy where the wine is good and the food is simple and delicious. Make sure you choose the right tavern (check our section...some of them are tourist traps!), especially the ones which have splendid views over the city by night!

Public transport is not that good here, we recommend to take a taxi - it will take you about 20min from the city centre.


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