The 9th District - Alsergrund

This district Alsergrund is a young and modern district that hosts many students from all over the world. We have a lot of student houses in this area - the universities are not its sometimes exotic inhabitants who live here easily merge into the old fashioned and splendid scenery and flair of this district. This is quite an exception - you see mostly caucasian people in the streets of Vienna!

Sightseeing recommendation:

This district houses several important museums of Vienna:

The most famous private collection of the Lichtenstein dynasty  is today housed in the magnificent Liechtenstein-Museum that you should not miss!

But there is also the equally famous Sigmund Freud Museum located in Alsergrund. Here you can visit Freud's original housing and office - and also an exhibit of his life and work, so this is definitely a place to go if you are interested in Freudian theories.

And last but not least, a museum dedicated to  the famous composer Franz Schubert, a beautiful house located in the outskirts of Vienna, close to the vineyards. If you go, make sure you round the evening off in one of Vienna's famous wine taverns (Heurige) - you will be in the right spot.

Also, very well worth a visit here is the Volksoper, next to the main Opera (Staatsoper) the most important establishment of its kind in Vienna. The main difference is that at the Volksoper you will be able to see operettas, musicals, dance theatres and concerts as well as classic opera - this is something the main Opera does not offer you....


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