The Prater Park (Der Wiener Prater)

This park, one of the most famous parks in Vienna, is an amusement park for many (especially locals), a place of nostalgic dreams for some, oasis of greenery for almost everyone living in Vienna – and the location of the Giant Ferris Wheel ("Wiener Riesenrad"), one of Vienna’s most famous symbols!

The Vienna Prater amusement park located here is in season from March to October. But the world-famous Giant Ferris Wheel which is located here, and a few other attractions, are open all year round. The Prater amusement park is the local pride of Vienna - kids go here with their parents for special occasions. It used to be modern and a fancy place for Viennese to go in the mid 50ies and 60ies - and frankly...not too much has changed since then! Be aware that it has nothing to do with today's Disneyland or similar adventure parks. This area is an entertaining and exciting place with lots of attractions ranging from a nostalgic merry-go-round to oldish ghost trains...

There is another very peaceful and quiet area of the Wiener Prater - known as the "Green Prater". Here you find widespread meadows to lie on, shady trees, and quiet paths.

But whatever you choose...the motto here is: to have fun and enjoy yourself!

The Green Prater: recreational park

This area used to be the former hunting ground of the Habsburg dynasty. Now, open to the public, it covers six million square meters. Although it is located only three linear kilometers from St. Stephen's Cathedral, nature is thriving in this area. Its vast lawns, woods and water areas offer an ideal environment for relaxing strolls, but also for lots of sports like brisk hikes, extended jogging tours, bicycle and skating trips and much more. Check our sports section for further info on equipment and rentals. So if you have had it visiting historical sights and buildings - this is were you come to get back in touch with nature!

The Giant Ferris Wheel - Das Wiener Riesenrad

You may want to visit this landmark of Vienna in the footsteps of the immortal movie "The Third Man" (there is a museum you can visit!), or simply enjoy the view over the city from almost 200 feet up. One thing is certain – only when you have taken a ride on this "Riesenrad", you really feel like you "have arrived" in Vienna! 

The Amusement Park

As mentioned, the Vienna Prater is an old fashioned world of adventure, with nostalgic and old fashioned attractions – despite the "oldish" and run down atmosphere, it is a mekka for local kids - where in the world can you still ride on a classic, "vintage" merry-go-round? This could also be a great experience for kids visiting. There are cafés, restaurants and snack bars (check our sections), which offer "culinary delights" from a small snack to a full-scale dinner. Entertainment is king here, i.e. you will find the Austrian version of Madame Tussauds. You also find good old roller coasters from 50 years ago and the no less nostalgic ghost trains. For the younger ones, the Ice Mountain has been opened - an interactive ride to polar bears, penguins and more.

Oh yes...and if you are not a kid anylonger...In the evening the Prater turns into a hot nightlife spot, hosting the biggest discotheque in Austria called the Praterdome! You will have to be in your 20s though...not older!