Taxi in Vienna

You want to get somewhere fast? No problem in Vienna: if it's too much of a hassle to use public transport and the advantages of our Vienna Discount Card  - then simply call a taxi!

  • Tel. 60160
  • Tel. 40100
  • Tel. 31300

Please be aware that you are not allowed to fit more than 4 people into a normal taxi in Vienna. In case you are more travellers, make sure you let the taxi company know you need a bigger car, combi or van. This usually is not a problem at all. If you are a passenger with special needs (i.e. wheelchair) just make sure you state this while ordering - the taxi companies will be able to help you out.

Airport taxis:

For journeys to/from the airport, please ask for the airport tariffs - they usually ask for a flatrate (approx. € 35) as long as your pick up or drop off place is within the city of Vienna . Alternatively, call

  • C & K Airport Service (tel. 444 44) 
  • Airport driver (tel. 22 8 22).

Again, make sure you are clear about the amount of travellers, bags and special luggage. It is no problem to ask for more spacious transport as long as the taxi company knows this in advance. Also keep in mind, if you are travelling alone, the public airport transfers might be an attractive alternative.

Special taxis:

Special services such as "Taxi and Sightseeing" and a "taxi for the hard of hearing" can be ordered by fax on following number: +43 1 408 15 25-848.

Also available is an Austria-wide taxi service on tel. + 43 1 1718 - foreign languages are spoken.


Rent a limousine:

If you want to rent a limousine – with or without driver – make use of special section on limousine services:

  • Austrian Business cars - VIP Sightseeing
  • EasyMotion Limousines
  • Grand Chauffeurs

In principle these companies are able to provide you with all special and customised requests you can think of - within Vienna or even in the whole of Austria.

Ecological taxis:

FAXI – The Bicycle Taxi (Pedicabs) - it basically means that you will be transported in three-wheeled bicycle rickshaws. The maximum number of passengers is two persons (including hand luggage), and it is a great and fun way to explore the city. The canopy of the pedicabs protects passengers from sun and rain - so you will be fine whatever the weather conditions are like... check the website for more information.