Wachau Valley

If you are in Vienna in the spring or summer season our MyDestination Vienna team suggests to take time to explore the exquisite beauty of the Wachau Valley - this is where you really get the fairy tale landscape of Austria served on a silver tray.

You can i.e. take one of the scenic cruises down the Danube (check our cruise info section) – the landscape is really gorgeous! This is understandably one of the most popular day trips from Vienna and, with fine weather, not to be missed!

This part of Austria is full of history and legends and it really comes to life as you pass charming old villages, steep vineyards and mysterious castles.

One such castle is the well-known Durnstein Castle, where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned while waiting for his ransom to arrive from England.

The boat ride will continue take you down the Danube from the wine villages Spitz to Melk, passing the heart of the Wachau Valley at the old wine town of Krems.

A great tip: if you are there in May during the apricot blossoming you will be stunned by the beauty of "blossoming" apricot trees that add an incredible dimension to the local scenery - check out our photo - the whole valley looks exactly like this! For more inside tips check out our "INSIDER TIPS" section

Also, usually the last destination of this superb day trip cruise is Melk – Austria’s most magnificent Benedictine Abbey, a pearl of the Austrian Baroque style - I am sure you have not seen many similar abbeys to this. Take your time to stroll around the gardens, they are magnificent!

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