Biking excursions

Bicycles are hugely popular in Vienna and one of the best ways to get around! You can go everywhere on a saddle, you do not have to worry about parking problems, no pollution issues and you can enjoy the stunning landscape around you (just watch out for the weatherforcast or you might have some unpleasant surprises!).

Vienna and its surroundings are fabulous and many of them can easily and best be reached by bike! In the past decades the Viennese authorities have opened many different walking and biking trails to the local population, resulting in great cycling routes for all levels today, no matter if beginners or advanced. It has become a great way for outdoor- and sport-lovers to spend their leisure time!

There are plenty of great biking trails to be found within Vienna:

If you prefer to stay within the city of Vienna, and you are only looking for "light" exercise, your best option is the "Wienfluss Radweg". This route takes you across town - from the outskirts (Schönbrunn Palace) right into the centre of the city, and all the way to the Donauinsel. Especially if you have kids with you, this is one of the safest trails to follow, as the road is free of crossings or cars. This route is about 10 Km long and has about 10 different entrances. Definitely worth trying for families and light-sport lovers! Your best option to rent bikes is the City Bike Vienna, a company that has developed a bike-concept similar to the public transportation one!

If, on the other hand, you would prefer an excursion a little bit further from Vienna’s centre, then your best option is a ride along the local vineyards in the northern part of Vienna. This area is called Grinzing and it is truly stunning to ride bikes around here - be aware, you will encounter hills and steep slopes, so if you don’t feel like riding your bike all the way up there, you can catch the tram #38 all the way to the last stop. Here, just a few steps further, on the right, vineyards will start to appear. Your best choice would be biking up a steep tiny street called Grinziger Steig and you will end up in the middle of the spectacular fields! Just follow the path nd just a few hundred meters ahead you will find an inhabited modern "House in the trees"! It is really worth having a look at that architecture.

Another perfect location to cycle in the woods, is by taking the bus 38A from Grinzing and go all the way up to Cobenzl (don’t worry, you will be able to take your bike up with you in the bus!). From here, you can start bicycling your way down the hill! Of course, if you prefer a little more fatigue while doing sports, you can also bike upwards! And when you will arrive all the way up, you will be able to allow yourself a good Austrian meal at the renowned Waldgrill Cobenzl!

For those of you who are into serious biking excursions we would recommend to bike to Klosterneuburg? The ride will take you along the Danube banks and the beautiful landscape surrounding Vienna. Klosterneuburg is a charming little town approx. 20 km north of Vienna! And for the real sports freaks among you we recommend the bike tour all the way to Stockerau – start at Kritzendorf (the village right next to Klosterneuburg), continue to Hoflein (upon the Donube), proceed to Altenberg, then Hintersdorf and then back to Kierling and Klosterneuburg. You should expect to be on the bike all day then!

Want to rent a bike? don’t forget to visit our biking section! Fortunately, Vienna has a wide number of rentals for bicycles. If you decide to go outside the city’s borders than you can check this site web and see what rental store is the closest to your destination!