The 8th District - Josefstadt

This is Vienna's spectacle district – the famous Josefstadt! No matter if you prefer culture or entertainment – this area is definitely well worth a visit. Full of grand and spectacular apartment buildings and theaters it adds to a special and glamorous atmosphere.

Sightseeing recommendations:

The Vienna City Hall (Rathaus), an important landmark along the Vienna Ringroad, is an impressive building in new gothic style. It is the head office of the Vienna mayor and an attractive location for all sort of events and performances - check out our event section for information about what is going on there today!

Also another one of Vienna's most famous churches was built here – the Piaristenkirche, a beautiful baroque church with an impressive twin tower on a beautiful square.

A great place to hang out for lunch after visiting this beautiful interior. Check our restaurant section for places to eat in the area.

District of amusement and entertainment:

In the Josefstadt district you find many famous theatres and cabarets, among them the smallest theatre in the world with only 19 seats, and the English Theater in Vienna - the district is a mecca for theater lovers! Be aware that nearly all performances are staged in German language.... a good alternative is the English Theatre of course.

The most popular theatre here is the Theater an der Josefstadt, mostly staging Austrian plays and writers. It is next to the Burgtheater the oldest and best theatre in Vienna - it is nice to observe these Viennese theatre lovers populating the streets just before the begin of the performance or right after, you will see that the audience is still at a very young average compared to other cities in Europe!

Josefstadt is also filled with contemporary art galleries, bars and cafes that invite you to spend the whole day strolling around this grand area of Vienna.

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