Top Things to Do in Vienna for the Young


One of the main attractions for the young is the Danube; exploring its islands and riverbanks

There’s more to Vienna than just palaces, imperial buildings and horse carriages... It is actually one of the coolest cities in Europe. For the young, it’s basically paradise: you can have the time of your life here, even if you are on a budget! The prices are moderate and there’s no shortage of things to do in Vienna, all set in beautiful locations. Vienna offers a river, mountains, clubs, bars, libraries, parks, art, culture, entertainment and tons of events. If you come here for a few days or weeks, you will always have something fun to do - you definitely won’t forget it.

One of the main attractions for the young is the Danube, and many people travel to Viennato explore its little islands and riverbanks. During the day, the young get together in an area called Donauinsel, to grab lunch, sit around tables and have picnics, jump in the river for a swim or play soccer. It also offers some of the best events of the year, such as the Donauinsel Festival. This is Europe’s biggest summer festival, where about 3 million people get together to listen to some of their favourite bands and artists. Entrance is free and takes place on many small islands that make up the festival area. Check our events section if you want to know when to come in order not to miss this event of the year!

Vienna is also THE city of culture, art, coffee houses and much more.

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One of the true highlights here in Vienna is its art scene; Austria’s capital is full of innovative and creative young artists and many exhibitions. The Museumsquartier (MQ) area is the perfect example - here, the most stylish artists of Vienna get together during the day to chill, hang out, show their art, look at others’ art or have a beer. The most famous museums in Vienna, i.e.  the Mumok and the Leopold Museum, are located right here, but also many smaller ones. The best time to come is during summer evenings: this square can get so populated that its ground, staircases and the famous MQ coloured plastic couches are covered by young people sitting or laying down everywhere. Free events such as silent discos or mini-car race tracks are periodically organized to improve the MQ experience even more! Vienna is one of Europe’s cities with the most museums available per capita, so no wonder we are very proud of our heritage; exhibitions are to be found everywhere. One really unique event organised in Vienna is the ‘Night of the Museums’. Every year, the city of Vienna chooses a particular date when all of Vienna’s museums remain open all day and night for visitors.

What other options are there in the late summer afternoons? The Heurige, for example, are one of the main meeting points for the Viennese. Here, you can come to have a snack, a full meal, a romantic time with your sweetheart or a dinner with many friends. If you find the right Heurige, the chances are that you will be sitting around one of the tables hidden in the vineyards, overlooking Vienna. Don’t forget to try the Liptauer Aufstrich (a spicy spread) and a main course such as the Schweinsbraten with Knödel - truly a must!

Heurige, ViennaHeurige, Vienna

Another cool example of Viennese traditions is the coffee houses; cafes have been part of the Viennese lifestyle since Imperial times, when the nobility would get together in the living rooms of other aristocrats to sip coffee and discuss the most current topics. Well, this hasn’t changed so much (apart from the aristocracy and the living rooms). Nowadays, coffee houses are spread all over the city. Here, you will get the chance to try some typically Viennese coffees, such as the ‘Melange’ or the ‘Bräuner’ while tasting a piece of sacher cake or a krapfen - our most popular cakes and tarts. You will love it! The best part; you can order one cup of coffee and sit for hours reading the newspaper or chat with your friends - nobody will mind and they will leave you alone. No wonder there are so many youngsters and students around.

What else?

How about just hanging out with friends and relaxing in one of the fantastic parks scattered around the city, such as the Burggarten or the Heldenplatz Park. Here, you can bask under the sun for hours, play frisbee or have a good picnic.

Cafe Central, ViennaCafe Central, ViennaVienna ConcertsVienna Concerts

To wrap it up:

Vienna likes to think of itself as the cultural centre of Europe, not only because of its historical past and heritage. Today it is mainly the young locals who create their own culture and traditions; countless smaller and impressive exhibitions are carried out by young Viennese artists, regular club nights are organised in stunning locations and sites, lots of meeting points throughout the city have popped up in the past decade where young students hang out, chill or have a drink together - mainly in parks, on squares or in student cafes.

Another particularity of Vienna is that it is a multicultural, European capital that still remains human-sized. In fact, Vienna allows you to get from one end to the other in about half an hour by public transport. Tickets are really cheap, provided you have a youth or student ID. You will be eligible for reduced tickets to every museum, bar or cinema you go to; you’ll be surprised by the price reductions!

Chilling out in ViennaChilling out in Vienna