Best Twenty Something in Prater Area

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Vienna team

Vienna is an old city with a long history, but it still is one of the youngest cities in Europe in terms of nightlife and activities it offers to its young population of students from all over the World!

Vienna is the 9th largest city in Europe in terms of population, and a wide number of its inhabitants are students. An innumerous amount of youngsters come to Vienna to enjoy a few months of fun! Vienna is groovy, cool and absolutely modern in terms of its nightlife and activities offered. There is always something to do! This amazing city also offers tons of student discounts, special student rates and special prices for people under 26. You can have reduced tickets at concerts, cinemas, museums, exhibitions and much more! Student bars offer cheap meals and breakfasts; pubs sell drinks at affordable prices and clubs call in the coolest and most known artists from around the world. In Vienna, you can literally find EVERYTHING. This section explores some of the coolest places to go to if you want to have a good time in this multicultural European capital if you are around twenty years old!