Where can I see it?

Vienna is fortunate enough to have housed so many different composers, that countless works of music (no matter what genre) have been "produced" or composed here in this very city - and you will be able to see many of those pieces still staged here today, as well as many others, of course! Tickets are best booked by using following link


The most famous opera is the Wiener Staatsoper (State Opera) where you will be able to see the most sought after and famous interpreters performing on a daily basis. If you organise yourself well in time you will experience unforgettable evenings here! Check our TOP ATTRACTIONs site (Opera at the Ringroad) in order to know how to go about organising tickets.

Another option, that features a more varied program, is the Volksoper (People's Opera) which stages not only operas, but also classic operettas (musical theatre) and musicals, sometimes even first-class ballet performances are shown.

The Theater an der Wien is another excellent option - they have premieres here once every month that range from classical to modern opera performances.

Operetta (musical theatre)

The Operetta is typical Austrian and has reached huge popularity in Vienna - it is a genre of light opera, light in terms both of music and subject matter. It is also closely related, in English-language works, to musical theatre. It started in the middle of the 19th century, to satisfy a need for shorter and gayer performances - compared to the full-length entertainment of operas (mostly serious and tragic). The Austrians thrived on it...who has not heard of the world famous Johann Strauss and his operettas "Die Fledermaus" or "Wiener Blut"?

The Wiener Kammeroper (Chamber Opera) is THE place to go to for operettas - operetta freaks will consider this establishment unique and very interesting indeed. As here you will be able to see performances featuring mostly either unknown and long-forgotten operettas, or very modern musical plays - all pieces you could rarely see somewhere else! Have a look at the website for further information on programs.


Vienna was very late to get introduced to musicals - long after being very popular in the US, Europe or Asia. Today you can mainly see "old" originals (like "Cats" or "Phantom of the Opera") being performed in smaller scale establishments. Though excellent in quality and cast - Viennese locals do not seem to take on to this form of music performance as they do in other countries. Anyhow, the shows are full with visitors from abroad - the main theaters to show musicals are: The Ronacher and the Raimund Theater


Vienna's classical concerts have 2 main addresses:

The Wiener Musikverein, home to the New Years Concert and world famous all over the Globe,

The Wiener Konzerthaus with its art nouveau ambiance. Here performances do not only have a strictly classical repertoire, but they clearly show a more varied program including progressive sounds of the present times.

In addition to these two renowned buildings, there are of course many other venues where daily concerts are staged - please refer to our My Guide Vienna concert section.

Electronic Music:

This music form is less known by many people, but by no means less important to the musical world and to the city of Vienna. The electronic "Viennese Sound" became very famous in the 1990s due to 2 excellent local DJ artists called Kruder and Dorfmeister. Since then Vienna has become the front runner in the development of this music form over the past years -  it clearly leads the way here and attracts artists from all over the world. Many of the concerts are staged in various clubs around Vienna, especially in the nightclub districts called Donaukanal or Prater - check our Nightlife section for further information.

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