The 3rd District - Landstrasse

This district really relates visitors because of its grand buildings and impressive palaces! It is so beautiful that many Embassies and representative offices are located here.

Recommended sightseeing:

There are 3 very good reasons to visit this district: the Hundertwasserhaus, the Schloss Belvedere and the Botanical Gardens of the „Universität Wien."

One of the most famous modern buildings of Vienna is the Hundertwasserhaus. This building was designed by the famous artist Hundertwasser, very well known for his fondness to headstrong shapes, different colours and materials as well as abundant cultivation. Really worth to have a look at - this is a very special and untypical building for Vienna.

The Schloss Belvedere built under the patronage of Prinz Eugen, Vienna’s famous General that brought the Turkish invasion into Europe via the Balkans to a halt - till today he remains an Austrian military hero.... You can visit his famous art collections in both Palaces of the Belvedere Museum (Upper Belvedere and Lower Belvedere)and stroll through the magnificent palace gardens.

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